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What We Believe and Practice

We believe in the God-Head, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit

We believe in God creating all of creation.

We believe in the Bible as being given by God without any mistakes and is His revealed will to man.

We believe that God sent His Only Son, Jesus, to live a sinless life and be crucified on the cross for the forgiveness of Sin for those who believe in Him and accept Him as Lord of their lives.

We believe that Jesus was crucified on the cross, buried and was raised on the third day, never to die again.

We believe that we are saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus.

We believe that salvation is given through the power of God when one is united with the death, burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ by being immersed in water for the remission of sin and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.     

We believe in eternal heaven for those who are in Christ, and eternal hell for those are not in Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ is coming back for His saints at sometime.  We do not know when.

We assemble each Lord's day to have fellowship, prayer, breaking of bread (Lord's Supper) and teaching of the Apostle's doctrine.

We believe in the example of the Church found within the pages of Scripture.

We do not belong to any denominational groups, but we are Christians only.

We do not have a church board but are led by the elders and evangelist that serve with the body of Christ at Roof Garden Christian Church in Somerset, PA. We do have deacons who help with the work of the church.

We have Christ as our only head, the Bible as our only authority and God as our Father in heaven.

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